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Ivan, Charika and Charin Corea

Ivan and Charika Corea launched the Autism Awareness Campaign in 2000 in the United Kingdom to campaign on behalf of parents, carers and autists for better public services in health,education,specialist speech therapy and respite care; for independent research into the causes of autism; for greater public awareness on Autism and Asperger's Syndrome.
The Autism Awareness Campaign are calling for Her Majesty's Government to take autism seriously. They initiated 2002 as Autism Awareness Year in the UK, now the largest ever movement for autism in the UK. This is their story...
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1st October - 7th October 2007

The Autism Alliance UK are launching a major campaign on October 1st to raise awareness of autism and to encourage those responsible for local services to design appropriate services and demonstrate effective commissioning plans for those people with autism and their families who live in the communities for which they are responsible.

The Autism Awareness Campaign UK has released an 'Autism Action DVD for Autism Awareness Week calling on Prime Minister Gordon Brown to launch a national strategy on autism and a 10 year plan of action on autism and Asperger's Syndrome.

Watch the Autism Action film directed by Ian McLeod on You Tube, click on the You Tube logo below to see the appeal to Prime Minister Gordon Brown:

Autism Action on You Tube

Asian superstar Nimal Mendis

Rozagy sing's 'Open Every Door'

Asian superstar Nimal Mendis has created history by being the first South Asian singer/songwriter ever to have written a song for autism titled 'Open Every Door. The cover version is by the brilliant musician Rozagy who was diagnosed with Asperger's Syndrome.

Nimal Mendis was inspired by the Autism Awareness Campaign. 'Open Every Door' is a moving song about a child with autism. Rozagy is raising funds for Professor Simon Baron Cohen's Autism Research Centre in Cambridge University

To download 'Open Every Door' the song for autism click on the photo above.

Prime Minister Tony Blair with Ivan Corea and Lee Scott MP

Prime Minister Tony Blair met with Ivan Corea and Lee Scott MP on 25th April 2007. Ivan Corea presented the Prime Minister with the Autism Report detailing concerns and recommendations. The Autism Awareness Campaign UK is calling for a national strategy on autism and a 10 year plan of action.

The Children's Commissioner Sir Al Aynsley Green

The children's commissioner for England has said it is shameful that the country is failing to provide adequately for children with autism.

Sir Al Aynsley-Green - who recently met families with autistic children - said it was "shocking and appalling".

Click on the photo above to view the BBC News 24 Report.

Peter Sissons of BBC News 24

Peter Sissons of BBC News 24 interviewed Ivan Corea of the Autism Awareness Campaign on the views of the Children's Commissioner Sir Al Aynsely Green.

Ivan Corea speaking to BBC News 24 called on Her Majesty's Government to introduce a raft of measures to support the 90,000 children with autism including launching a 10 year program to build specialist autism schools, to build autism units in primary and secondary schools; train teachers and classroom assistants on autism; introduce a qualification for young people with autism; introduce further education and higher education opportunities and establish a compact with employers and creat labour market opportunities for people with autism.

Inside the Autistic Mind

A wealth of new brain research--and poignant testimony from people who have autism--is lifting the veil on this mysterious condition.

Click on the TIME Magazine cover to read the article on Autism by CLAUDIA WALLIS


Emily Stonor (right) said ' We hope their success story will be an inspiration to others.'




Ivan and Charika Corea of the Autism Awareness Campaign UK have been highly commended after being nominated for the prestigious Beacon Prize 2004 for their philanthropic achievements. The Beacon Awards ( given by the Beacon Fellowship Charitable Trust) were recently announced in London.


Beacon is a charitable initiative to raise the the profile of philanthropy in the UK, awarding the Beacon Prize to individuals whose giving, be it their time, their money, or their expertise, inspires others to do more.


Ivan and Charika Corea were nominated their contribution to raising awareness of autism spectrum disorder and Asperger’s Syndrome. Their efforts have been personally backed by the Prime Minister, the Leader of the Opposition and the Leader of the Liberal Democrats. They initiated the largest ever movement for autism in the UK and launched 2002 as Autism Awareness Year supported by 800 UK organisations. The Judges applauded their work and they have received the Beacon Highly Commended Award Certificate for Leadership, second only to Sir Bob Geldof who was the winner in the Leadership category.


‘We were thrilled with the quality of the nominations received this year, reflecting the full depth and extent of charitable activity in the UK,’ commented Emily Stonor, Chief Executive of Beacon. ‘Being highly commended is thus remarkable. Ivan and Charika Corea’s nomination was judged alongside those for prize winners such as Sir Bob Geldof and Jamie Oliver.’


‘We are delighted to recognise Ivan and Charika Corea’s contribution to charity and we hope that their success story will be an inspiration to others,’ said the Chief Executive of Beacon.


Ivan Corea said: ‘We are delighted to receive this Beacon Award Highly Commended Certificate.We still need the twin paths of inclusion in mainstream schools and special schools; we need further education and higher education opportunities for people with autism; special qualifications recognised by employers for young people with autism and Asperger’s Syndrome; labour market opportunities for all people with autism and a debate on autism and the elderly. There is still a great deal of suffering for parents, carers and autists and the  Government must move autism up the political agenda in this new term and give parents, carers and autists real choice and real opportunity to enable them to rise above the barriers placed before them.’


Her Majesty's Government must state how they plan to improve public services for parents, carers and autists.



Ivan Corea with West Indian superstar cricketer Brian Lara

West Indies cricket star Brian Lara joined a host of world cricketers in a charity match played in Melbourne Australia to raise funds for the countries affected by the tsunami disaster. Ivan Corea met with Brian Lara last year.The Autism Awareness Campaign UK also met with the Governor of the Southern Province of Sri Lanka Kingsley Wickramaratne who was in London to attend a Tsunami Dinner in the Long Room at Lord's Cricket Grounds, St.John's Wood. The tsunami dinner was organised by the Sri Lankan Cavaliers of Great Britain.

NOW is the time for Action on Autism
and Asperger's Syndrome




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Autism Awareness Wristbands



Autism Awareness Campaign UK welcomes launch of Rain Man Special Edition


Ivan Corea Chair of the Autism Awareness Campaign welcomed MGM Home Entertainment's launch of the Rain Man Special Limited Edition in the UK. Rain Man, starring Dustin Hoffman and Tom Cruise focuses on an autistic savant, played by Hoffman. The film won Hoffman the 1988 Best Actor Academy AwardŽ, Best Picture, Best Director for Barry Levinson and Best Screenplay.

'Autism is a very broad spectrum, not every autistic child or adult is a savant however Rain Man has raised awareness of the condition. There are 520,000 autistic people in the UK - 90,000 are children. People with Autism and Asperger's Syndrome are calling for more public services. Rain Man is a very absorbing film - it has certainly helped raise awareness of autistic savants - we would recommend that you buy the DVD,' said Ivan Corea.

 Mark Oates - DVD Reviewer

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